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New spa treatment at the Village Spa for 2016

New spa treatment at the village spa for 2016

Tzolkin Massage – The order of the days

The Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun is excited to introduce a brand new spa treatment to help hotel guests on their dream Caribbean vacation towards their wellness goals for 2016 and beyond. The Tzolkin treatment brings together the wisdom of the ancient Maya with the latest techniques in massage and relaxation for a totally unique spa experience for your vacation.

What is the significance of Tzolkin?

What is the significance of Tzolkin

For the ancient Mayan civilization that once dominated Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, all the energy in the universe is influenced by an order known as tsool, and the body is just one of the energy systems that is affected by this order. Tzolkin is the name of a version of the Mayan calendar which is formed from a combination of 13 tones (moons) and 20 glyphs or signs (suns) whose combined cycles define 260 kins with individual energetic tendencies. The sacred 260 day cycle of kins was thus believed to have a direct affect on the body and its energy system.

The Tzolkin Massage

The Tzolkin Massage

The Tzolkin Massage introduced at Villa del Palmar Cancun’s world class spa incorporates this Mayan tradition and wisdom into a relaxing massage treatment, working on harmonizing the main energy centers of the body according to the Mayans with the the 20 solar glyphs. Each glyph has the potential to manifest energy in either a positive or negative manner, which is the same as for each of the body’s energy centers. The objective of the Tzolkin massage is to unblock these energy centers to allow the sacred universal energy to flow freely, thus bring more harmony and wellbeing to the mind, body and spirit.

Depending on which of the body’s energy centers are blocked or working “negatively,” the massage can help to relax the body, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, ease muscle pain and tension, aid good sleep patterns, release endorphins and bring about a greater sense of happiness.

Choose the Tzolkin Massage at Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Village Spa for a unique spa experience in 2016 to rejuvenate your senses and bring about a positive change in your welbeing.