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Mystical Mayan Elements Facial

Enjoying a treatment at the Village Spa, which sits nestled within the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort with all its modern luxuries, is like entering a picturesque Mayan village. The Village Spa offers a soothing environment with the sound of landscaped waterfalls and the scent of essential oils for the perfect setting to be pampered. The Mystical Mayan Elements Facial is one of the most extensive facials offered by the spa and is tailor-made for anti-ageing to match all skin types and ages, merging ancient Mayan wisdom with the latest techniques.

When you book a Mystical Mayan Elements Facial, it is recommended that you arrive between forty-five minutes to an hour before your scheduled appointment to fully relax and use the hydrotherapy circuit at the spa which includes a luxury steam room, cold plunge, hot tub and temperate jacuzzi. You will then meet your therapist who will take time to assess your skin’s needs and recommend the kinds of products that will be used during the facial which is based around the Elemis enzyme products.

The first stage of the facial is to choose an aromatherapy oil to match your mood, selecting between an oil for stimulation or one for soothing, which sets the atmosphere of your therapy cabin. Once you are relaxed on the massage bed with head support, your expert therapist will adjust the position of your body to make sure that you will be comfortable throughout the facial.

The facial begins by removing any residues of makeup you may have; a product specific to your skin type and age is chosen from the Elemis range. Extra care will be taken around the eyes before a cleanser is used, also chosen specifically for your skin. The next stage is the application of the microderm exfoliation, which is one of the key components in the Mystical Mayan Elements Facial. This takes away the top layer of dead skin cells to leave the skin ready to receive the Elemis Enzyme Mist whose key ingredient is almonds, which begins to activate the cells in the skin at a deeper level.

After the enzyme mist has been applied, the skin is then prepared for an even stronger exfoliation which leaves a tingling, burning sensation as the ingredients activate the skin. Your therapist will fan your face to reduce the sense of burning. At this point it will become clear why the facial is called Mystical Mayan Elements – the burning sensation = fire, the fanning = wind, the lotions = water and the mask that comes later = earth.

Once the tingling sensation appeases after a minute or so, your therapist will begin the extraction process targeting blackheads and other impurities that can be removed without damaging your skin. A high frequency electrical treatment follows to reduce the chances of infection and to purify the pores that have been opened. To complete this process, masks are applied to the face. Younger skins will receive 2 masks, with a third mask added for older skins to enhance the hydration process even further.

During the time when the masks take their effect, you will be treated to a head and neck massage as well as an arms and foot massage before the masks are removed gently with hot towels. Your skin is then in prime condition to receive the Elemis Enzyme Trio which penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, activating the cells to rejuvenate in a natural fashion. The Enzyme Trio is like a kick start for the skin that continues to work long after the facial is over.

Finally, you will enjoy an eye treatment and moisturiser to match your type of skin followed by sun cream and a tea tree lip balm.

When you walk out of the Village Spa, you will look and feel like a younger more vibrant version of yourself, knowing that the enzymes are working to keep your skin looking brighter and more vibrant while you enjoy the rest of your vacation.