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Integral Therapeutic Massage at Village Spa

During your vacation at Villa del Palmar Cancun why not give your mind, body and spirit a well-deserved relaxing “recalibration” with one of the spa’s most complete holistic treatments. The Village Spa’s Integral Therapeutic Massage works on all levels of your being,   harmonizing each of the seven chakras (energetic centers) and your aura with your body and muscular tissues for sublime alignment and a profound sense of wellbeing.


This special therapy harmonizes the 5 senses though the application of balm essences that relax, detoxify and revitalize, leaving the mind, body and spirit balanced and in holistic alignment. Guests opting for this integrated treatment will enjoy a range of techniques, including stone therapy, deep tissue massage, acupressure and aromatherapy tailored to suit each individual and their specific needs. In fact every step of this treatment can be modified and adapted to meet your personal requirements.*

Lasting 80 minutes, the Integral Therapeutic Massage applies a range of treatments, starting with the alignment of each chakra using natural aromatic balms. The seven major chakras are energy centers located along the length of the spine, starting at the coccyx and concluding at the crown. During the first stage of the Village Spa Integral Therapeutic Massage, each chakra will be aligned by applying a specific essential oil to the area governed by each chakra along the spine. Although these aromatherapy oils may vary during each treatment depending on the specific needs of the individual, the typical aroma choices are as follows:
1. Base Chakra – Cedar to help become grounded, forging a connection with the earth.

2. Sacrum – Basil for sexual equilibrium and connection with one’s creativity.

3. Solar Plexus (belly button) – Orange to bring emotional balance.

4. Heart – Lemon to open the heart to universal love and love for oneself.

5. Throat – Mint to help the expression of ideas.

6. Third Eye – Lavender to clear the mind and deepen relaxation.

7. Crown – Jasmine to connect with universal consciousness and our higher being.


Following the chakra balancing ritual, the therapist will begin to apply a soft pressure massage slowly progressing towards a deep tissue massage and then acupressure, which focuses on key energy centers in your body as well as the chakras. The treatment is brought to a close with a hot stone massage using stones collected especially from sacred rivers to bring your state of relaxation even deeper on a muscular level.

This rounded treatment offered by Villa del Palmar Village Spa is one of the most profound experiences you will encounter for guaranteed relaxation and a sense of inner peace.

* The usual restrictions apply for this massage to those who are pregnant, have open wounds or specific medical conditions. See Spa Guide for more restrictions.