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Hot Spring Ritual at Village Spa

In less than a month since its addition to the menu, this brand new Hot Spring Ritual at the Village Spa has already become a hit among guests at Villa del Palmar Cancun. An integrated moisturizing treatment that hydrates from the tips of your toes to the very ends of each strand of hair, our Hot Spring Ritual is truly reminiscent of the experiences encountered in the original Roman baths where the mask is applied beyond the face and décolletage to cover the entire body, including the hair on your head!

The application of a full body mask is unique and uncommon in spa treatments due to the specialist expertise and installations required; however, the results are incredible as the mask deeply moisturizes the face and hair at the same time as the body. Besides leaving the spa with soft shiny hair, your skin on both your face and body will glow like never before.

Suitable for all skin types for both men and women of all ages.

Theory Behind the Hot Spring Ritual

The success of the Hot Spring Ritual treatment lies in its three different stages, which include effective active ingredients and a pleasant massaging sensation for the skin during the application of the mask. The first stage allows deep and gentle exfoliation to stimulate cell renewal and restore skin softness in preparation for the detoxifying stage that eliminates impurities and liquid retention before stimulating you cell’s metabolism, which ultimately leaves your skin looking fresh and radiant. Together, these stages infuse the body with a sense of complete relaxation and tranquility – quite literally from top to toe!


The Hot Spring Ritual is highly recommended for dull, tired, dry and dehydrated skin, especially during winter months to return the skin to its soft, balmy state after battling with elements such as wind and freezing temperatures.

The innovative treatment is also ideal before exposing your skin to the sun or after your tan has begun to fade and you are left with dry peeling skin.