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Francisco Lugo, An Inspiration at the Village Spa

Francisco Lugo

The Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun is an oasis for visitors looking to escape the world for a moment. The sublime sensory experience, highlighted by relaxing aromas, meditative hydrotherapy sessions and the indulgent effects of some of the most innovative spa treatments around, is made all the better by the expert management of Francisco Lugo, the resort’s Village Spa Manager.

A dream come true

Motivation and Vision
Passionate about overall heath and wellbeing, Francsico is the perfect individual to run the luxurious and heavenly Village Spa. As a child, his love for harmonious expression led him on a path to a profession in the health and business related field. “I don’t believe there is another profession where organization, aesthetics and wellbeing are represented in such a unique way,” said Lugo of his choice to work in the spa industry. His goal to change people’s perception of the true spa experience is evident at the Village Spa, where the focus isn’t just about what can be seen on the outside. “Most of the time, people incorrectly think that spas are just about beauty; and while beauty is a major element, I am of the view that spas are more to do with wellness and living well, helping people to fill their lives with health and harmony.”

Francisco has utilized his own personal experiences as inspiration for his role as manager of the Village Spa. Growing up in Tila, Chiapas, health clubs and beauty parlors weren’t part of the norm. However, the wisdom and knowledge of medicinal plants, the benefits of clay and various healing techniques have helped him incorporate such things into the Village Spa’s repertoire. Leading others down a path to better health and wellness has further been inspired by his passion for running, crossfit and standup paddle yoga, each of which is an activity available at the five-star resort. His organization of such events as October Wellness, a monthlong celebration of wellness at the Village Spa, has solidified his role as an empowering individual who strives to bring out the best in others.

A dream come true
Managing the Village Spa, located in the bustling city of Cancun, “is a dream come true,” said Francisco, who went on to say that he has “so much more to learn, explore and fulfill.” His dedication to providing clients with the best possible service in the short 50-80 minutes during their spa treatment is a driving force that make the Village Spa as successful as it is. Under Lugo’s management the staff at the luxurious spa are able to create the “wow” effect by touching each of the five senses. Through the sound of water in the wet areas, ambient lighting throughout the spa, gentle music in the massage rooms and the relaxing aromas of lavender and rosemary, guests are swept away by a truly sensual experience.