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Epicuren at Village Spa

The enigmatic Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun may look like an ancient Mayan village, but at the heart of its practice lies the most sophisticated spa products that offer the benefits and innovation of the latest laboratory technology – Epicuren. Village Spa’s trained therapists use innovative natural skincare products such as the Epicuren range in combination with the wisdom of ancient cultures to provide the very best treatments that harmonize with your skin’s specific needs.

So what is so special about Epicuren products?

At the heart of the Epicuren line is special protein enzyme technology called the Metadermabolic Enzyme. The effect of this enzyme on the skin is to provoke self-rejuvenation; not only does it replenish the skin, providing moisture and antioxidants, it jump starts your skin’s natural ability to reproduce healthy and youthful skin cells on a deeper level; that is, it activates the cells beneath the epidermis. The result is that your skin looks younger and fresher resulting from deep rejuvenation, and continues to do so well after the treatment.

As each skin is different, not to mention our habits and environmental factors that can affect how our skin behaves, the first step is to have a therapist at the Village Spa evaluate your skin’s needs to suggest the best products for you. The Epicuren line can be used for corrective, restorative, preventative or even emergency treatments for all aspects of your skin’s health: age spots, acne, fine lines, tone, texture etc.

All of Epicuren’s ingredients are natural, based on the combination of flowers, fruits, seeds, herbs and enzymes to create the perfect remedy for our skin’s needs. At Village Spa, you are also able to purchase from the Epicuren line so that you may continue using the products at home. Ask one of our expert therapists to recommend a regime that you can maintain regularly.