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Symbolic Rituals for Weddings at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Symbolic Rituals for Weddings at Villa del Palmar Cancun

At the Villa del Palmar resort in Cancun there are memorable moments around every corner. From the stunning resort grounds and beaches to the modern and luxurious facilities, you can be sure that you’ll never be disappointed for your destination wedding in Cancun. It’s very easy to be caught up in the atmosphere of this wonderful resort, and this is why it makes the perfect wedding venue.

But did you know that Villa del Palmar Cancun’s professional wedding coordinators can help you to make your big day even more special with a range of symbolic rituals that will “up” the romance and wow factor of your wedding in Cancun? What’s more they’ll help you with all the little details so you can avoid getting too stressed out on your big day!

Take a look at some of the symbolic rituals for weddings you might wish to include in your destination wedding ceremony in Cancun.

Unity Candle

Symbolic Ritual for Wedding - Unity Candle

Closeup shot of a couple lighting candles during their wedding ceremony

The Unity Candle ritual is perhaps one of the most popular symbolic additions to your wedding available and is believed to have its origin in certain pagan or Wiccan rituals. During this ceremony two small candles are initially lit by a member of the bride and groom’s families. When the time comes to light the unity candle the bride and groom will both use their respective candle to jointly light a larger flame. Many couples choose to renew this wonderful symbolic ceremony on their milestone anniversaries in later years.

Blending of the Sands Ritual

Symbolic Ritual for Wedding - Blending of the sands

wedding ceremony – mixing sands is a new family

The Blending of the Sands ritual is an interesting and unique alternative to the Unity Candle ceremony and is perfect for beach weddings in Cancun. In this symbolic ritual, the bride and groom pour colored sands into a large vase to represent the blending of their past, present and future. What is so unique about this ritual is that you’re not restricted to two colors; you can add sand from the beach on which you were married or add extra colors for any children present. This symbolic ceremony is arguably the most versatile and fitting for a Cancun beach wedding.

Seashell Blessing

Symbolic Ritual for Wedding - Seashell Blessing

Another beach themed symbolic ritual, this special touch is very fitting for a sea-side or beach wedding, and will involve all the guests as well. During the seashell blessing the guests of the bride and groom will select a shell and bless it with their well-wishes for the union before tossing it into the sea. This is a truly unique and beautiful way to celebrate your wedding. At Villa del Palmar Cancun, there are various locations where this symbolic ceremony could take place, including our idyllic jetty or from the beach.

Handfasting Ritual

This symbolic wedding ritual is actually of Celtic origin and involves binding the bride and groom’s hands tightly together with a cord or ribbon, though in certain Celtic cultures a strip of fabric with symbols representing the two families would be used, as they say their vows. This binding symbolically represents the strength of their resolve and commitment to each other as well as their devotion to one another. The cloth is then tied in a knot to represent the final unification of the couple. This is a simple ritual to include in a beach wedding in Cancun.

Arras or Coin Ceremony

This tradition hails from Mexico and is a great way to give a nod to the heritage of your destination wedding’s location. This ritual involves the presentation of thirteen gold or silver coins (arras) to the bride by the groom. This shows that he is dedicated to providing for her, that he will take care of her and their children financially. The bride then returns the coins to him to show that she is committed to supporting and providing for him too.

Lasso (Laso) Ceremony

Symbolic Ritual for Wedding - Lasso Ceremony

This Mexican tradition is much like a handfasting ceremony, and utilizes a ceremonial rope which is beaded or made of fabric. This rope is placed over the bride and groom’s shoulders in the shape of an infinity symbol and represents the everlasting love and commitment that the two individuals are promising to each other.