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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

There is an Old English adage about weddings; “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, sixpence in your shoe,”, and it has brides everywhere struggling to fit something blue into their wedding attire. Whether this is for traditions sake, or because they believe in luck the color blue is now almost as important as saying “I Do” (and yes, we know that rhymes). Here are five ways in which you can get blue into your wedding without taking drastic steps:


Blue Gemstones

You could add a little sapphire sensation to your wedding by wearing blue jewellery! The elegance and sophistication of a sapphire necklace or bracelet, or even topaz earrings can really set off your look. What’s more this is a totally effortless way in which you can incorporate blue into your wedding outfit, and it might even help you to tick something else off your list if you borrow a memorable piece from your mother, grandmother or best-friend.

2.-Footloose and Blue Suede Shoes

Footloose and Blue Suede Shoes

Who ever said that your shoes must be white? You could crank up your bridal style by donning a pair of azure or teal heels with your traditional white gown (or your not so traditional gown, whichever suits you). Not only with the contrasting color be eye-catching, but it’ll really set you apart in your pictures. You could even tip a hat to your grandpa by making them suede and dancing to Elvis.

3.-What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

No-one ever said your something blue had to be visible so why not go for something more discreet? Blue garters or panties are a fairly common way to get blue into the mix; you could even get a full blue lingerie set to include this good luck charm as well as stun your new hubby?

4.-Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes

You could accent those killer peep-toed shoes with a touch of blue on the toenails. The varied and versatile nail polish brands and colors on the market now mean it’s easy to get just the right shade of blue to match whatever part of your wedding attire you want it to.

5.-A Little Blue in Unexpected Places

A Little Blue in Unexpected Places

If none of these options strike you then you could look to more unique and personal ways to get something blue into your wedding outfit. You could sew a little blue patch into your dress with the date of your wedding on it, tie a ribbon around on of the eye hooks used for bustling the dress, or even have a blue heart embroidered somewhere unexpected on your gown. Whatever you choose to do, just be sure that it is special to you and really adds to the whole experience for you.