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Cancun Wedding Photos with Cenotes


If you’re planning a destination wedding in the Cancun area then you should definitely think about taking advantage of the region’s natural wonders: cenotes. One type of wonder which is unique to Mexico, and this area, is the cenote which can be seen in many shapes and sizes across the region around Cancun. These freshwater, subterranean cave systems are wonderfully beautiful, and as a result cenote wedding photography is becoming very popular for destination weddings in Cancun. These are the kinds of Cancun wedding shots which are stunning and unforgettable in your album.

What are Cenotes?

What are Cenotes?

The word “cenote” translates to “sacred well”, and cenotes were revered by the Mayans as a way in which one could communicate with the Gods. It’s easy to see why they felt this way, too, as they look so ethereal. Formed by the collapsing of porous limestone rock into underground water systems, cenotes have crystal clear water, perfectly filtered by the earth. This means that they are truly an underwater photographer’s dream; the water is so pure that a good camera can pick up every tiny detail beneath the surface. Often the cenotes are filled with tropical trees and hanging vines illuminated by dramatically filtered sunlight… there are few places quite so dramatically well set up for Cancun wedding photography.

Trash the Dress Wedding Photography

Trash the Dress Wedding Photography

Photo Credits: Jhankarlo Photography

One of the most popular commemorations of a wedding day in cenote photography is now known as “trashing the dress”. This is a tradition which sees the bride and groom entering the water in their wedding attire. Though possibly ruining your dress for some photos might seem excessive, the exceptional clarity of the water ensures that the underwater photos produced are utterly breathtaking. This is an exciting, and unforgettable experience, and is unlike anything you will ever do again in your life… isn’t that worth a dress?

Steamy Couples Shots

Many a couple already knows what they want from their cenote wedding shoot and will let their photographer know what it is that they want from the day, while others are more open-minded and looking for suggestions. It has become quite popular to do a “sexy” photo or two in which the bride wears some stunning lingerie, or in which the couple even do a tasteful nude shot. Why not ask your photographer for some of their ideas if you don’t have a specific set of photos in mind? Of course, you could always just go with the flow and see where the day takes you? All that matters is that you and your spouse are happy with the outcome.

So, if you’re having your destination wedding in the Cancun area why not consider showcasing your love with a remarkable underwater photoshoot that you’ll remember for the rest of your life?