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Cancun Indian Wedding at the Beach

Indian Wedding in Cancun

Villa del Palmar Cancun is proud to have been host to some of the most majestic weddings, embracing the traditions of all cultures and ensuring that the rituals and customs of our brides, grooms and their families are carried out respectfully with style, comfort and luxury. Our Cancun resort, with its variety of locations to host the multiple ceremonies and events involved in an Indian Wedding, proved to be the ideal venue for a stunning Hindu wedding held recently at Playa Mujeres beach, Cancun.

For those unfamiliar with Indian weddings, one thing that unites weddings from most of the religious traditions found in India, including Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Muslim, is that they usually span over a period of a few days, with a variety of different events and traditions. A resort such as Villa del Palmar Cancun can offer a host of different venues that make each of these special events unique and unforgettable.

A Three-Day Indian Wedding in Cancun

During our most recent Hindu wedding at Villa del Palmar Cancun, our expert wedding planners coordinated with the families of both bride and groom to make sure that India came to Cancun in all of its glory with an incredible three-day wedding.

The first day welcomed the guests of the bride and groom with an elegant private party on the expansive terrace of one of the resort’s Oceanfront Penthouses. The penthouse offered a glorious view of the Caribbean Sea and Isla Mujeres in the distance as guests got into the mood for the wedding festivities.

On the second day, the bride and groom celebrated a Haldi ceremony with their respective families in separate locations. This colorful ritual involves applying a thick paste made from turmeric, sandalwood and rose water to the feet, knees, arms, hands and face as a cleanser for the body and soul, preparing the couple and protecting them for their new life together. The bride and her family performed the ceremony in the penthouse while her groom and his family celebrated on the terrace of Davino’s restaurant.

In the evening of the second day, an informal pre-wedding party was held called the Sangeet. This colorful fiesta was hosted on the Palmar Terrace by Davino’s Restaurant where the wedding party could enjoy privacy as well as the sound of the sea as they dined and partied hard in preparation for the big day to come.

The third day of the wedding started very early with a Mehndi ceremony in the Ocean Front Penthouse where the finishing touches were applied to the bride’s henna adornments. Often the Mehndi ceremony is held a few days before the wedding like a bachelorette party, so that the bride’s henna is perfectly prepared in advance. In this instance, the perfecting touches were added to the bride’s hands and feet.

The sunny stretch of powder-white sand on Playa Mujeres beach at Villa del Palmar Cancun was the perfect location for the Baraat custom, which saw the groom arrive as is tradition on horseback to the wedding, mimicking the way that it would be have been customary in India to arrive to the village of the bride for the wedding ceremony upon a white horse. Accompanied by his family singing and dancing, the groom rode from the Tiki Beach Bar towards the far end of the resort’s beach outside Davino’s Restaurant where the family of his bride were waiting to receive them by the Mandap, which is like a gazebo structure.

The next stage was the bride’s arrival accompanied by her unmarried cousins and father. The actual wedding ceremony followed an intricate series of rituals and prayers which lasted for more than two hours in accordance with the customs and traditions selected by the families for the ceremony. Following the marriage, it was time for a delicious meal served on the beach under a huge events tent, Here the families celebrated with another party to honor the union of the bride and groom.

Cancun a Popular Choice for Indian Weddings

Cancun is becoming an evermore popular choice for Indian weddings at the beach, with Indian families living in the US, Canada and even India finding Cancun’s warm sunny weather and first class hospitality a great solution for their wedding needs. Whatever your customs, traditions or religion, let Villa del Palmar Cancun’s expert wedding planners help you make your wedding in paradise all the more unforgettable.