Are you looking for a way to add some excitement and sunshine to your summer this year? Being only a few hours away from the United States and having a tropical climate year-round, Mexico is a popular vacation destination. Check out this list of the best destinations in Mexico for some summer travel inspiration!

1. Cancun 

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At the top of our list of best destinations in Mexico is Cancun, located right off the Yucatan Peninsula. Not only do they have some all-inclusive luxury resorts to enjoy, but they are known for their stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. There are so many tourist attractions here, it is no wonder it has been named one of the top tourism destinations in the world! As well as an exciting nightlife, you will also find plenty of amazing ways to relax, such as taking a guided tour or day trip to Isla Mujeres. Another interesting place to explore is Chichén Itzá – an archaeological site of Mayan ruins that has now been named one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

2. Puerto Vallarta 

puerto vallarta

If you are looking for an idyllic destination with a small-town feel, Puerto Vallarta will be perfect for you! This city is picturesque and centered around the vast Pacific Ocean with the majestic Sierra Madre mountains protectively wrapping around it. Discover the incredible gastronomy on offer in the Zona Romantica (Romantic Zone) or around Old Vallarta, with many renowned chefs cooking up culinary masterpieces at a selection of fine restaurants. During Restaurant Week, locals and tourists alike have the opportunity to try all the best restaurants for a discounted price. Explore the many tours available in the region. Board a catamaran and sail to the most popular spots in the area, Marietas Islands or Los Arcos, where you can snorkel with tropical fish, enjoy a swashbuckling adventure aboard the Marigalante Pirate Ship, or fly over the treetops on a high adrenaline zip line adventure. Enjoy a stroll along El Malecón (the boardwalk) and try to photograph every statue you see. Make sure to check out the art galleries as well!

3. Los Cabos 

los cabos

With the Sea of Cortez glistening in the distance, this resort-speckled paradise is a vacationer’s dream, and one of the best destinations in Mexico! San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are both seaside towns that fall under the category of “Los Cabos.” However, San José del Cabo gives more of an authentic Mexican feel with its Spanish colonial architecture, while Cabo San Lucas boasts luxury shopping and entertainment. Playa el Médano is the most well-known beach in Los Cabos and is every surfer and diver’s dream. As well as water sports, Los Cabos also boasts some of the best and most well-versed cuisines, including many gorgeous restaurants located directly on the beach, so you can enjoy the perfect view.

4. Oaxaca

This colonial Mexican city is filled with artisanal markets, food stalls, and posh eateries. These markets that feature so many handmade items and homemade goodies are one of the aspects that make Oaxaca so unique. There are also some great places nearby that make wonderful daytrip excursions. Get some exercise and explore the breathtaking Hierve el Agua, an area of mineral spring pools with large rocky cliffs extending up from them, or visit the famous Macedonio Alcala theatre!

5. Mexico City  

This capital city has an impressive arts and culture scene, with a whole district that has been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself completely in the welcoming culture this city has to offer, without breaking the bank. If you are a traveler who loves bustling crowds and thrives in big cities, be sure to add this to your list of places to travel. Make sure to plan your trip before you go, since there are so many historic sights to take in. There are also many tours to sign up for if you would prefer to be guided by a local who knows what’s what!

6. Mazatlan 

This city nestled on the Gold Coast is slowly making its name in the world of tourism, likely because of its 20km of white sandy beaches and its tropical neoclassical vibe that draws even locals to vacation here. Waltz to the live music mixing with the ocean waves through the open-air bistros and enjoy the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted. Mazatlan is also known for its museums and historic sites and is one of the best destinations in Mexico. You can also head over to Old Mazatlan, where everything is a bit cheaper, and the pace is more laid-back.

7. Chiapas

If you visit Chiapas, be sure to stop by Agua Azul. It is a stunning waterfall with turquoise waters running down canyons and cliffs into pools. It is located in the jungle, making it the perfect place to observe some unique wildlife while you’re there! Chiapas also has many Mayan ruin sites such as Palenque and is home to a large indigenous population. Its tropical climate makes it the perfect vacation getaway.

This list is only the beginning of all the amazing places you can visit in Mexico this summer. Hopefully it will inspire you to get outside of your comfort zone and embark on your next adventure or will give you some direction in booking your next luxurious all-inclusive resort vacation. Any of these options sound like great ways to spend your summer!