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Wellness Talent at Villa del Palmar Cancún

Wellness Talent at Villa del Palmar Cancún

Villa del Palmar Cancún is a renown all-inclusive resort, recently awarded as a 4 Diamond Resort for its high standard service, always seeking to exceed the expectations of all guests during their vacation in Cancún and the devoted staff that works at the resort.

Recently, Giselle Sedinger has joined the talented staff of Villa del Palmar Cancún, Village Spa Manager, an important position in which she can live up her passion for health and relaxation, providing an everlasting experience that will live in guests’ hearts, wrapping them in tranquil atmosphere and a unique ambiance, complemented with a variety of massages and treatments.

She is also passionate about dance and wellness, but overall Giselle’s Sedinger personality and vocation of service have led her to occupy strategic positions in the wellness area at many luxury resorts.

The Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancún boasts a truly relaxation oasis. This fantastic Spa in Cancun is inspired by an ancient Mayan village, featuring a concept of tropical palm trees and thatched-roof treatment cabins, a truly holistic escape. At Village Spa, guests will renew their energies with a great assortment of massages and treatments, relaxing Jacuzzis and a plunge lagoon where mind and body will reconnect again.

From a very young age, Giselle has always been very interested in getting to know new people and contribute to let them have a wonderful day, happy moments by harmonizing their lives and making them feel content and comfortable with themselves.

Additionally to being the Spa Manager at Villa del Palmar Cancún, Giselle collaborates with many wellness projects, including her own Instagram profile where she provides many tips and advice for people who enjoy taking care of their body and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

In a recent nice chat with Giselle, she reveals that spending a day at the beach, invigorating her energy by soaking up the sun, as well as meditating and dancing, are among her favorite hobbies.

Also, she recognizes that one of her secrets to be shiny and happy is being always surrounded by positive people, and hug. She assures that: “hugs are the best therapy for bad days”, from which she invigorates to continue throughout the day with a big smile on her face.

Undoubtedly, Giselle’s personality is a powerful moving energy for those people that know her, including her own working team, motivating them to keep a smile and provide a unique experience at Village Spa.

As part of the bespoke service provided at Village Spa, she told us that she is always looking to offer a wow-effect for guests that will turn their vacation experience or special celebration, into an unforgettable life memory that will live in their hearts forever.

The assorted wellness experiences that Giselle Sedinger provides at Villa del Palmar Cancún are not limited to resort’s guests, but also are shared with the staff, indulging their senses with massages, harmonizing their offices and workstations with relaxing aromas that relief the daily work stress; a noble experience that every person should enjoy at least once in their lives.

Last but not least, Giselle Sedinger always goes the extra mile. In addition to her regular daily job, she always take a chance to get to know her guests and help them to make the most out of their stay by recommending massages and treatments at Village Spa, but also recommending attractions and places of interest in the surrounding area that guests can enjoy on their vacation in Cancun.

Take a chance to meet Giselle Sedinger at Village Spa, at luxury 4-Diamond Resort, Villa del Palmar Cancún and take home a memorable experience of your upcoming getaway in Cancun!