Villa del Palmar Cancún

Are you dreaming of hitting the soft sand beaches of Cancun instead of being at home in quarantine? We all are! Now, you can take a virtual tour of Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa from the comfort of your own living room!

You can click through several different modules and see 360-degree photos of the lobby, the restaurants, the pools and common areas, and the rooms and suites. You will feel like you’re really there, walking around the pools and through our gourmet restaurants.

Click here to go to the virtual tour! The virtual tour is made with 360-degree photography technology. A special camera is used, and the images are stitched together, and loaded into a software that renders the 360-degree views! The tour works on desktop/laptop computers as well as mobile devices, so grab your cup of coffee or tea and let’s get started!

Start the tour outside the building, at the main entrance, which we call the motor lobby. Click in the center of the screen where it says “Lobby” to head inside.

Once inside the lobby, you can click and drag your mouse left or right to get a 360-degree view.

You’ll see text on the screen that you can click to go to the next point in the virtual tour. For example, you’ll see “Lobby terrace” and “Lobby bar.”

If you click “Lobby bar,” you will be taken to the lobby bar, and you can click-drag your mouse left to right to look around. Then, click the next point, “Hiroshi Restaurant,” and you can continue click-dragging to spin around for a 360-degree view of Hiroshi, one of Villa del Palmar’s gourmet restaurants.

Hiroshi Restaurant

You can continue clicking through each new point, for example heading to the Bridge Pool or Zama Restaurant, or you can use the “Menu” option in the upper left corner to jump to a point on the resort. All of the restaurants are listed there, as well as the Suites, Luxury Residences, and the Spa.

Suites available to tour include Deluxe Studio, Master Suite One Bedroom Garden View, Master Suite One Bedroom Ocean View, and Family Master Suite Two Bedrooms.

The Master Suite One Bedroom is ideal for couples with one or two children. The main bedroom has a king size bed with a walk-in closet, and terrace overlooking the ocean with a private Jacuzzi. The kids can comfortably rest on a Murphy bed in the wide living room. You and your family will enjoy a sophisticated vacation getaway in a spacious suite with 2 bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, private balcony and elegant décor. For additional comfort, this suite also features a washing machine and dryer.

Not only is it super fun to tour the resort in this way, it’s also very practical for when you’re planning your next vacation. If you’re not sure which suite best suits your needs, you can easily view the different options, see their sizes, and see everything included with each one.

You can view the different restaurants and plan which one you’d like to try on each day of your trip.

You can view the spa and pretend you are there instead of at home…! Take me away…!

You can also tour the Luxury Residences. Imperial Master Suite Three Bedrooms Penthouse, Imperial Master Suite Two Bedrooms Penthouse, Royal Family Master Suite Three Bedrooms loft, Royal Family Master Suite Two Bedrooms loft, Royal Family Master Suite Three Bedrooms Ocean Front, Royal Family Master Suite Two Bedrooms Ocean Front are available for touring.

Imperial Master Suite Three Bedrooms Penthouse
Royal Family Master Suite Two Bedrooms Ocean Front
Royal Family Master Suite Two Bedrooms loft

In addition to the virtual tour of the property, we also have tons of videos in our video gallery to keep you inspired while you are at home! Topics range from information about the destination of Cancun and the surrounding area, to activities available on the resort, and much, much more.

 So stay at home and take a virtual trip to Cancun! When it’s time to travel in person again, we will be here waiting for you!

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa is a family-friendly all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico, and is part of the TAFER Resorts family.