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Villa del Palmar Cancun COVID-19 Resort Update

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa reopened with full services on May 30th, 2020. At Tafer Hotels & Resorts, we care deeply about the health of our guests and staff. We want to give you a resort update and let you know what we have been doing to ensure that everyone at our resort stays safe.

We have updated our health and sanitization protocols in each department. During the closure, we also made improvements to several areas in the hotel as well as deep cleaning and sanitizing the resort, so it will be perfect when you return. Aligning with the industry standards for resorts operations, we have implemented several changes outlined below. Click here to watch a video.

Temperature Checks

We have installed thermal cameras at the resort entrance to conduct a non-invasive temperature check and ensure that guests entering the property are healthy. Staff will have their temperatures taken by the security team daily upon arrival. Anyone showing a temperature over 100°F / 38°C will be taken to an area for a second temperature screening. Any guest or staff member showing a fever will be directed towards appropriate medical care.


Upon arrival, the bell boy will maintain appropriate social distance when welcoming guests, and offer them hand sanitizing gel prior to the check-in process.

The bell boy will provide instructions to guests on how to connect their mobile devices to the TV to be able to use it as a remote control. They will also make sure that luggage is sanitized with a UV device prior to suite delivery.

Physical distancing signage has been placed in the Lobby area. At check-in, all arriving guests will receive a welcome amenity face mask.

Guests can be assured that their room key cards have been sanitized prior to each check-in. All items at the check-in desk including credit card devices, pens and other supplies, will be disinfected after each use.


Guests will be able to pre-select the time of their daily housekeeping service in order to minimize contact.

We have implemented a strict cleaning protocol for suites which includes paying particular attention to 10 high-touch surfaces such as cabinets, door handles, toilets and sinks, furniture, remote controls, and hangers.

Maids will use a face mask during the cleaning service and perform regular hand washing. All reusable collateral has been removed from rooms and has been replaced by single use collateral. Extra pillows and blankets have been removed and will be available upon request.


At our restaurants, Hostesses will be responsible for opening and closing doors. Hand sanitizer will be located at the entrance. All menus, check holders, and pens will be disinfected after each use. Restaurant menus will also be available via a QR code.

Dining tables, chairs, and bar stools will be sanitized after each use. Restaurant restrooms will be regularly sanitized.

Tables will be arranged to ensure appropriate social distancing and occupancy has been reduced by 50 per cent.

No Buffet service or self-serve food will be available until further notice. Restaurants that used to offer a buffet have switched to à la carte.

Restaurant servers will wear a mandatory face mask and follow strict hand washing guidelines at least every 30 minutes or after finishing the service sequence at a guest table. All kitchen staff will use a mandatory face mask and gloves.

Social Distancing Practices

Guests are encouraged to practice social distancing by standing at least 6 Feet / 1.8 Meter distances away from other people not traveling with them.

Staff will be reminded to practice social distancing between guests and their co-workers at all times and will be trained not to touch their faces.

Only 4 people will be permitted per elevator, except for guests staying in the same room. Lounge chairs in the pool and beach areas will be arranged to ensure appropriate distances. Villa del Palmar Cancun will comply with, or exceed local, state, or federal mandated occupancy limits.

Updates to the Resort

While our guests have been away, we updated the resort with crews working in small brigades to perform maintenance and upgrades in each area of the hotel. Everything from small painting jobs, to gardening, to mechanical systems overhauls.   

Perfect Room Brigade  

The Perfect Room Project is a campaign initiated by TAFER Resorts management and staff several years ago to address some of the cleanliness and functionality issues that can arise at resorts located in tropical destinations. They formulated a plan to stay on top of those issues, to keep our world-class resort in the best possible condition.  

The concept of Perfect Room means that guests should find their rooms in perfect condition, including everything from the fragrances in the suites to the physical condition of the furniture, linens and appliances. 

This means that all furnishings, surfaces and articles must be free of dust, stains, chips or defects. The linens, furniture and amenities are free of pesky mold or irregularities that can accumulate in tropical settings, and the room is void of any issues that might cause an undesirable odor, such as poor plumbing or mildew.   

Maintenance and housekeeping crews need access to the rooms to make repairs, clean, paint, change out furniture, appliances, linens, towels, dishes, etc. They can’t do this while the rooms are booked, so we rotate updating rooms to Perfect Room status as we can, as occupancy allows.  

We are normally able to update 10 rooms per spring season to Perfect Room, but since the resort was unoccupied, we were able to achieve our goal of bringing 40 rooms into Perfect Room condition this spring. 

Rooms Brigade  

The Rooms Brigade worked on specific tasks in the rooms, such as cleaning the air conditioners, checking the electrical, making sure the TVs work, checking the sliding doors on the terrace, making sure the locks are functioning properly, and other maintenance issues.  

Painting Brigade 

Villa del Palmar was refreshed with a brand-new coat of paint! The Painting Brigade was tasked with painting different areas of the resort. 

Room Planters Brigade 

Part of freshening up the resort means replacing all the plants in the room planters. As their name suggests, the Room Planters Brigade handled this task. The gardeners also freshened up all of the garden areas of the resort by adding new plants, removing dead plants and weeds, checking all the sprinkler lines and repairing any issues.  

Restaurants Brigade 

This team was tasked with dismantling the kitchens to clean them thoroughly and repair any damaged pieces. This team also painted the furniture and walls inside the restaurants.  

Floors Brigade  

This team was in charge of sealing all of the floors around the resort, as well as around the pools. 

Beach Brigade  

The Beach Brigade performed daily cleaning and maintenance on the beach. Kayaks and paddleboards were brought inside for cleaning, beach furniture was deep cleaned and repainted, sand was combed, and decorative plants were tended or replaced.  

Deep Cleaning Brigade 

This team was dedicated to deep cleaning of the Jacuzzis, fabrics, furniture, and terraces throughout the resort.  

Polishing Brigade 

This team polished all the floors in all the rooms and all of the marble surfaces throughout the resort. This includes floors in interior and exterior common areas, as well as marble and granite tabletops and countertops throughout. 

Public Areas Brigade 

This team deep cleaned all the furniture in the public areas and cleaned the fabric of all of the furniture in all of the restaurants as well as polished all the floors. All merchandise was removed from shelves, and shelves were cleaned. The Village Spa was deep cleaned and sanitized, and as with all other areas, the furniture, floors, counters, tables, and all equipment was cleaned, painted and renewed.  

As you can see, Villa del Palmar Cancun implemented many changes to prepare for our guests to return including refreshing our resort and updating our sanitization procedures. We look forward to seeing you again soon, with a fresh face, after making all of these improvements to ensure our guests have the incredible vacation they so deserve!