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Villa del Palmar Cancun COVID-19 Resort Update

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa is currently open with limited services during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have plans to reopen the resort with full services starting on May 30th, 2020, subject to travel advisories. We want to give you a resort update and let you know that we have been working hard to refresh the resort, so it will be perfect for your return.  

During the past two months, we have being doing a resort update with small crews performing maintenance and upgrades in each area of the hotel. Everything from small painting jobs, to gardening, to mechanical systems overhauls are being done during this time.  

The crews are working in small brigades, each taking care of their own parts of the resort, and using protective gear and social distancing as appropriate.  

Perfect Room Brigade  

The Perfect Room Project is a campaign initiated by TAFER Resorts management and staff several years ago to address some of the cleanliness and functionality issues that can arise at resorts located in tropical destinations. They formulated a plan to stay on top of those issues, to keep our world-class resort in the best possible condition.  

The concept of Perfect Room means that guests should find their rooms in perfect condition, including everything from the fragrances in the suites to the physical condition of the furniture, linens and appliances. 

This means that all furnishings, surfaces and articles must be free of dust, stains, chips or defects. The linens, furniture and amenities are free of the pesky mold or irregularities that can accumulate in tropical settings, and the room is void of any issues that might cause an undesirable odor, such as poor plumbing or mildew.   

Maintenance and housekeeping crews need access to the rooms to make repairs, clean, paint, change out furniture, appliances, linens, towels, dishes, etc. They can’t do this while the rooms are booked, so we rotate updating rooms to Perfect Room status as we can, as occupancy allows.  

We are normally able to update 10 rooms per spring season to Perfect Room, but since the resort is unoccupied at this time, our goal is to bring 40 rooms into Perfect Room condition this spring. 

Rooms Brigade  

The Rooms Brigade is working on specific tasks in the rooms, such as cleaning the air conditioners, checking the electrical, making sure the TVs are functioning, checking the sliding doors on the terrace, making sure the locks are functioning properly, and other maintenance issues.  

Painting Brigade 

Villa del Palmar is getting refreshed with a brand-new coat of paint! The Painting Brigade is tasked with painting the different areas of the resort. 

Room Planters Brigade 

Part of freshening up the resort means replacing all the plants in the room planters. As their name suggests, the Room Planters Brigade is handling this task. The gardeners are also freshening up all of the garden areas of the resort by adding new plants, removing dead plants and weeds, checking all the sprinkler lines and repairing any issues.  

Restaurants Brigade 

This team is tasked with dismantling the kitchens to clean them thoroughly and repair any damaged pieces. This team is also painting the furniture and the walls inside the restaurants.  

Floors Brigade  

This team is in charge of sealing all of the floors around the resort, as well as around the pools. 

Beach Brigade  

The Beach Brigade is doing daily cleaning and maintenance on the beach. Right now, this team has a very good opportunity to work on the beach, since there are no guests present. Kayaks and paddleboards have been brought inside for cleaning, beach furniture is being deep cleaned and painted, sand is being combed, and decorative plants are being tended or replaced.  

Deep Cleaning Brigade 

This team is dedicated to deep cleaning of the Jacuzzis, fabrics, furniture, and terraces throughout the resort.  

Rooms 2 Brigade 

This team is cleaning each room every 3 days to keep them in good shape and prevent any issues that can arise as a result of stagnation.  

Polishing Brigade 

This team is polishing the floors in all the rooms and all of the marble surfaces throughout the resort. This includes floors in interior and exterior common areas, as well as marble and granite tabletops and countertops throughout. 

Public Areas Brigade 

This team is deep cleaning all the furniture in the public areas and cleaning the fabric of all of the furniture in all of the restaurants as well as polishing all the floors. All merchandise is removed from shelves, and shelves are being cleaned. The Village Spa is being deep cleaned and sanitized, and as with all other areas, the furniture, floors, counters, tables, and all equipment is being cleaned, painted and renewed.  

As you can see, Villa del Palmar Cancun is doing an extensive resort update in preparation for your return. We look forward to seeing you again soon, with a fresh face, after having all of the areas of the resort touched up.