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The Village Spa: A Harmonious Experience for Everyone

Sound Therapy

At Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s Village Spa, one can always find a refuge from the stresses of everyday life.  Even in the midst of a fast-paced and chaotic world, this sanctuary of relaxation, where self-indulgence and pampering are encouraged, is a harmonious experience for everyone involved.  While the main focus is always on the guest, there are times when the staff of professional massage and spa therapists need a moment to recover their own inner peace.  As means of promoting the overall health and wellbeing of both guests and the spa’s hard working team, group building workshops and healing therapies are conducted each month, making it easier than ever to provide a harmonious experience.

We truly believe that in order for the staff of the Village Spa to impart their very best service, they also need to take time for themselves to rejuvenate, release tension, and find the physical, mental and spiritual balance that is so important in this day and age.  To help them do just that, the resort’s team has taken part in a series of healing therapies, designed to help each individual feel relaxed and at their best.  Through a variety of ancient cleansing traditions passed down from the Mayas, including Temazcals, traditional Mayan sweat-houses built to purify the body, the team has been able to recuperate the appreciation for life that can be lost during longs hours at work and under the stresses of everyday life.

This month, the dedicated team of professionals spent time perfecting the harmonization of both the Village Spa and its staff.  With Mr. Roberto Gopar, a sound therapy specialist, as their guide, the team worked to recover the inner peace that is necessary to find true happiness in life.  Utilizing the techniques of sonotherapy, in which soothing sounds of both Tibetan bowls and Mayan instruments create a sensation of peace and tranquility, Gopar was able to lead the staff in a series of meditations, allowing them to find individual equilibrium and balance.  The vibrations of the instruments, known throughout the world to have a dramatic effect on healing, provide the perfect song for a life in harmony.

Back massage

There are times when the staff and spa therapists need a moment to recover their own inner peace.

As the team at Villa del Palmar Cancun finalize the details of this year’s wellness month that will take place in October, these new harmonizing rituals at the Village Spa are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the resort’s commitment to our guests’ wellbeing mind, body and soul.