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The Perfect Room at Villa del Palmar Cancun

When we initiated the Perfect Room Project at Villa del Palmar Cancun we knew it was the right thing to do, not only to keep our world-class resort in tip-top shape, but also to keep guest satisfaction at an all-time high.  Now months later, the five-star resort is making good on their promise by extending the Perfect Room Project to the rest of the resort, ensuring guests will have the ultimate vacation experience when visiting the sunny city of Cancun.

Clean is Beautiful

The Perfect Room Project is a campaign initiated by management and staff to address some of the cleanliness and functionality issues that can arise at resorts located in a tropical destination.  As one of the favorite resorts in Cancun, Villa del Palmar has made it their duty to ensure guests find their room in perfect condition, including everything from the fragrances in the suites to the physical condition of furniture, linens and appliances. The housekeeping staff in charge of the project continuously inspect each studio, one, two and three bedroom suites, as well as the various penthouses featured in the luxury residences range, for anything that could inconvenience guests or prevent them from having the perfect time at Villa del Palmar Cancun.  


Flawless Means Comfort

In order to meet the high standards set out by the Perfect Room Project, each room must be in flawless condition.  This means that all furnishings, surfaces and articles must be free of dust, stains, chips or defects.  The linens, furniture and amenities are free of the pesky mold or irregularities that can accumulate in tropical settings and the room is void of any issues that might cause an undesirable odor, such as poor plumbing or mildew.  The Perfect Team ensures that all aspects of the room are in perfect condition so that guests can enjoy their stay from the minute they enter their room.  

At Villa del Palmar Cancun our commitment to the Perfect Room Project is so strong that we have even decided to take its high standards into other areas of the resort.  Recently, we have replaced the industrial soap dispensers in the public area bathrooms with recycled bottles in an attempt to give the space a more elegant feel, while making a more ecologically friendly move.  These little touches can be seen throughout the resort and they are just one more way in which Villa del Palmar Cancun is bringing guests the best.