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The Cheapest Times to Fly

The Cheapest Times to Fly

Get to Cancun without Breaking the Bank

Getting the best deals on flights seems to be an art form! We all have the friends who fly everywhere because they seem to have some private connection or secret knowledge on exactly when to buy their airline tickets. At times this can be sheer luck and persistence, but if you don’t have the time or energy to monitor airfares 24/7, there are some industry guidelines that can help you. It’s all a matter of knowing when to look and what days are best to fly!

When to Start Looking

When to Start Looking

This may irk the freedom lovers out there, but getting a great price on a flight comes with some planning. You don’t want to be too early though. Buying your ticket four months or more in advance will guarantee your pick of flights and seats, but it will also guarantee a $20 – $50 premium and higher rates. In this case, the early bird is not really getting anything but options.

The sweet spot for travel is up to four months in advance and no less than three weeks. During this time, studies show that the rates vary within 5% of their lowest cost for your chosen dates and destination.

If you are the risk taker and choose to wait a bit longer, you can push it one more week, but statistics show that anything less than two weeks in advance and the prices begin to rise. During the final six days, you will pay up to $208 dollars more than those who bought during the sweet spot.

Seasons and Holidays

We all know that holidays are going to raise ticket prices, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. School breaks can also drive up prices like summer and spring break. It’s also important to see if festivities or events are taking place at your destination as that too can affect the fare.

In the winter, the very best rates can be found approximately 62 days before you fly, but 21 – 110 days will have the lowest prices overall. You can save up to $260 by staying in this window of time.

You get a bit more leniency in Spring when 46 – 122 days out provides the lower rates and around 90 days offers the very best. Buying during this time can save you up to $263!

Summertime is the most forgiving for those who don’t book early. The very best prices are released around 47 days in advance. Prices can be rather steady two weeks to five months out, but as it is the prime time to travel, the month you choose matters. August and September offer the best travel prices while July is the busiest month.

As fall comes in, give yourself a 21 – 100 day window and try to buy around 69 days in advance to score the best rates of around $83 dollars less than the highest fares.

Days Matter

Days Matter

Once you’ve chosen your destination and season, the day you fly is the next biggest factor in ticket price. Experts show Tuesdays and Wednesdays are statistically the cheapest days of the week. If you select one of these days instead of the most expensive day, Sunday, you typically save $76 or more.

Once you have arrived in Mexico, domestic flights are cheapest on Saturdays, and Mondays often have the highest fares.

Packages Make a Difference

All statistics confirm that booking with a package like Villa del Palmar’s Hotel + Flight together will give you the lowest prices as they have already negotiated the airfare with the airlines prior to offering their deal. This means you get the best price no matter when you book!