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New Manager at Villa del Palmar Cancun

General Manager Villa del Palmar Cancun

There is a very important associate who has shone brightly on the team at Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa and his hard work has certainly paid off.  His name is Juan Carlos Gonzalez. The resort is thrilled to share that he has taken on the impressive role of General Manager at Villa del Palmar Cancun, one of Cancun’s top optional all inclusive resorts.  Let’s take a closer look at what makes this hardworking father of two the perfect choice for the prominent position:

His Diverse Background

Juan Carlos Gonzalez got his start in a warehouse in Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast of Mexico working in the buying department.  His exceptional work ethic and strong drive to succeed helped him to quickly rise within the company, eventually becoming the regional department manager.  

When the developers of Villa del Palmar Cancun resort began searching for the right team to join them in Mexico’s Caribbean, they invited Juan Carlos to help open their exciting new property on the breathtaking Quintana Roo coast.  This experience sparked his interest in running the operational side of the resort where he could put his management skills to good use.  

Previous to becoming General Manager, he happily tested his skills in as many different departments as possible, holding positions such as Food and Beverage Manager and Rooms Division Manager which helped him have a deeper understanding on the way in which the hotel operates day in and day out.  

His Inspiring Leadership Skills

His Inspiring Leadership Skills

Villa del Palmar Cancun’s new manager strives to create a welcoming work atmosphere where employees feel as though they all belong to a close-knit family that comes together to create exceptional experiences for their guests.  He knows that when employees are excited about their work environment, that positive energy extends to their highly valued guests.  He enjoys the many challenges and rewards that come with guiding a large team of people, helping them thrive and grow in their careers.  

Juan Carlos’ ability to develop and maintain strong relationships within the team has been an amazing asset to the Cancun resort because it has allowed him to develop an impressive rapport with employees in each department.  This has led to an incredible workplace community that has brought everyone together in an effort to make the resort the very best it can be.      

His Goals for Villa del Palmar Cancun

As one of the most distinguished properties in the region, Villa del Palmar Cancun will continue under his leadership to earn its prestigious reputation.  Juan Carlos would like to ensure that the resort is meticulously maintained so that every visit that guests and members experience is extraordinary, with comfort and safety given particular importance.  His desire to help the resort continue to be a welcoming place for guests to enjoy exceptional vacations is very important to him.  

Leading the staff to constantly look for better, more efficient ways of running the resort is of great interest to the young manager.  Thanks to his hands-on managerial style, he is constantly checking how things are going around the resort and chatting with guests to get a firsthand account of how they feel about their experiences there with the goal of making it a place they will want to return to time and time again.  

Join us by congratulating Juan Carlos Gonzalez on his achievements and his new promotion to general manager of Villa del Palmar Cancun.