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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Cancun

While most of us associate Valentine’s Day on February 14 with chocolates, roses and candlelit dinners, the origin of Valentine’s Day actually dates as far back as the Roman Empire and the era of Christian martyrdom. So history goes, Saint Valentine performed marriage rites for soldiers who were forbidden to wed and was imprisoned for his disobedience. Nowadays, of course, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to shower our loved ones and friends with affection and gifts, or even a romantic getaway.

Escaping to Cancun for Valentine’s Day, or any other significant romantic date such as an anniversary, honeymoon or lovers’ retreat, is a sure way to ignite the flames of passion and intimacy. Cancun’s Caribbean setting, with its turquoise waves lapping on powder-white sand, is like a scene from a romantic movie and one that is set to deliver a truly wonderful storyline.

There are many romantic ways to spend your vacations in Cancun and there is certainly no better way to start your day than to watch the sun rise over the Caribbean Sea. For guests seeking something special at Villa del Palmar Cancun, you may like to have our private chef prepare you and your valentine breakfast on your balcony overlooking the sea or indeed enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner by the water’s edge at dusk.

Visiting the tropical cenotes (underground sinkholes) is one of Cancun’s most mesmerizing and exotic activities. Swimming or diving in these fascinating subterranean reservoirs is a magical experience and one that lends itself to romance. You will feel like you have entered the realm of water nymphs and fairytales, providing a wonderful backdrop to a romantic day trip.

A couples’ massage is another way to enjoy intimacy and connection with your significant other. The Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun has a selection of idyllic services tailored for couples in a custom built tikal (cabin) conditioned especially for couples.

However you wish to spend your Valentine’s Day, Cancun will inspire the heart strings of even the most unromantic among us.