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Cancun Travel Tips Post COVID-19

Cancun has been on lockdown during the past two months and many resorts and activities were forced to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but Cancun is ready to welcome visitors again in June 2020. Many resorts have already reopened including Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa. We have rounded up some important information and Cancun travel tips.

By June 8th Quintana Roo, the state that includes Cancun, Riviera Maya, Costa Maya, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel will be open for tourism and is taking the health of its residents and visitors very seriously. All businesses must meet strict health protocols before authorities give them the green light to reopen.

If you are planning on visiting Cancun post COVID-19 lockdown, you might not know what to expect. No matter that you may notice that things are a little bit different, you are still going to have a lot of fun. Cancun is still a vacation hot spot for every type of traveler. We want you to get the most of your vacation, so here are some Cancun travel tips that you should know before you go:

1. Flights

Airlines to Cancun

Airlines have been adding more flights between the United States and Mexico. While land border crossings are restricted until June 22nd, air travel is not affected and passengers are able to book flights.

Cancun Airport is operating normally and receiving flights daily. Health and safety protocols are in place. They have installed thermal scanners to check the temperature of arriving passengers. Contact your airline for COVID-19 travel restrictions prior to your trip. Individual airline regulations may require that you wear a face mask on the airplane. Make sure you bring a face mask with you.

Also, make sure you bring a pen with you so you can complete the Immigration & Customs form on the plane.

If you have never been to Cancun before, be aware that after baggage claim there are many peddlers waiting to sell you timeshares, activities, rented vehicles and more. This can be stressful for first-time travelers, but just ignore them, say no thank you or if you want to try your Spanish, say ‘no, gracias’ and keep on walking.

2. Activities

Activities in Cancun

Most tour operators have reopened for business. The marinas and most tours are available. Tour operators have taken precautions to promote social distancing, reduce capacity and offer hand sanitizing gel.

You may be required to wear a face mask during your tour due to individual tour operator regulations. Make sure you bring one with you just in case.

Water sports have all reopened. If you plan to go snorkeling, you may want to bring your own snorkeling equipment, but if you don’t, it will still be provided for you fully sanitized by your tour company.

Major tourist attractions that attract large crowds such as Chichen Itza, the Mayan Ruins and Tulum will remain closed until further notice. The government closed all archaeological sites as a precaution during the COVID-19 crisis and they will delay their reopening to ensure everyone’s safety since they attract big crowds.

Private Theme Parks such as Xel Ha and Xenses, Xcaret, and Xplor will be reopening on June 15th or June 21st. Their guides will be fully trained and certified in health and sanitization protocols prior to reopening.

Other activities, such as swimming with dolphins will reopen on July 1st.

We recommend that you book your excursion directly through the concierge team at the hotel. They can recommend the top tour operators and make sure you book with a reputable company.

Make it a point to take a tour as having an amazing tour can greatly enhance your vacation experience. Rio Secreto is an amazing spot where you can swim in cenotes. Deep sea fishing is very popular in Cancun as is luxury sailing and snorkeling.

3. Hotels

Villa del Palmar Cancun

Hotels in Quintana Roo that have passed the certification and adopted all the necessary health and sanitization protocols are open. They have reduced occupancy to 50 per cent to ensure that guests maintain the recommended social distance.

Guests will not be required to wear face masks around the resorts in Cancun, but staff will most likely be wearing face masks, at least in the short-term, for your safety.

Watch this video to see what Villa del Palmar Cancun is doing to keep our resort safe.

4. Taxis

Transportation in Cancun

Arrange your transportation from the airport to the hotel before you arrive. There are taxis outside of the airport when you arrive, but it can be a bit of a circus finding one with many people asking you where you need to go. Avoid the hassle, and arrange your transportation ahead of time.

Villa del Palmar Cancun is situated only 30 minutes from Cancun International Airport. If you choose to book your stay at this luxurious 4-Diamond resort, call toll Free USA/CAN 1 877 845 3795 and ask the concierge team to help you reserve your transportation.

When traveling from the hotel, guests are encouraged to use taxis provided by the hotel and pick-ups from outside taxis are not permitted inside the resort premises.

To return to the hotel, you may arrange a time with the driver in advance. However, if you don’t know what time you will return, and you would prefer to take your own taxi back, Cabify is a safe taxi service. You can download the Cabify app to order your taxi. Cabify is a reputable company that does a good job doing background checks on the drivers. They will send you the name of your driver, a photo and the make and model of the vehicle. Although Uber is widely used in many parts of the world, there are not that many Uber drivers in Cancun and Cabify is more popular in this region and a safer bet.

All taxi drivers now wear and face mask and also ask that you wear a face mask during the trip.

5. Ferry

Ferry in Cancun

There are two ferry companies that operate in Cancun, Winjet and Ultramar. For schedules and timetables, please check their websites.

6. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars in Cancun

Restaurants in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya will reopen in June with strict sanitary protocols in place including social distancing and hygienic guidelines to keep you safe.

Nightclubs and Bars will remain closed most likely until June 21st, subject to change, depending on how the first phase of reopening goes.

7. Currency

US Dollar to Mexican Peso exchange in Cancun

The US Dollar to Mexican Peso exchange rate is really good right now. While the rate fluctuates daily, currently 1 US Dollar equals 22.05 Pesos. If you know that you will be going to Mexico soon, it would be best to go to your local bank and exchange money now to take advantage of this good exchange rate.

Exchanging your money ahead of time and bringing cash with you is advisable since at some airports and hotels you won’t get as good an exchange rate as you might at your local branch. Most resorts offer room safes where you can safely store your cash and/or credit card.

If you don’t have time to change your money before you go, US currency is widely accepted in Mexico and Cancun. There is also the option of using an ATM, which gives you the national daily exchange rate.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to change money over, you don’t need to. Most restaurants give you the bill with a price in both pesos and dollars, so you have the option of choosing which currency you want to pay with. If you do decide to pay in dollars, you will most likely get change back in pesos

8. Weather

Weather un Cancun

Cancun has warm weather year-round, but rainy season typically starts in June and lasts until November. Summers are hot and it rains frequently, but the rain doesn’t last all day. Usually it will rain in the morning or afternoon for a short period of time, and then there will be sunny weather for the rest of the day. In case of a bad weather storm, then the rain may last all day, otherwise you can expect a bit of rain with mostly sun.

Rainy season is also hurricane season, and while hurricanes can hit that area of the tropics, the last devastating hurricane was Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Cancun has everything you need to have fun whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with friends or family. While everything may not be one hundred per cent up and running if you choose to visit this summer, there will be many businesses open and the beaches are still beautiful. The locals, who have been out of work for the past two months, will greatly appreciate your visit and you will have a great time. We hope to see you soon at Villa del Palmar Cancun!