Visit Cancun for Halloween and Day of the Dead

October boasts a ton of activities in Cancun, Mexico. At Villa del Palmar Cancun our activities team starts preparing for all the Halloween and Day of the Dead activities as early as possible to make sure that the traditions of the United States, Canada and Mexico are all combined into one big celebration. Guests staying at Villa del Palmar Cancun at the end of October will enjoy a special combination of Halloween and Day of the Dead with a colorful display of food and fun.

Halloween and the Day of the Dead

Halloween and the Day of the Dead

Halloween and the Day of the Dead are two distinct holidays that have a lot in common. The Day of the Dead, known in Spanish as El Dia de Muertos, is celebrated on November 2nd in Mexico. Friends, family, and loved ones come together to pay honor to those who have passed. By making offerings and decorating altars, they believe this helps those who have deceased to pass through to the afterlife.

When Mexicans make their dedicated altars they add personal and sentimental items that represent the deceased along with their favorite dishes, beverages, sugar skulls, and marigolds. Graveyards are also decorated in a similar manner and become a scene of festivities on November 2nd.

Alternatively, in the United States and Canada, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, a fun and friendly holiday that uses humor, laughs, and trick or treating. Some people still honor their deceased loved ones at this time by visiting their graves, and attending church services. It is clear to see how these two traditions have a lot in common.

Halloween and the Day of the Dead

If you are a guest at the Villa del Palmar Cancun Resort and Spa this year then prepare yourself for an exciting celebration to mark the two traditions on November 2nd. The VIK Club, (The Very Important Kid’s Club) will have your kids helping to set up an altar in the morning, followed by face painting in the afternoon. You can enjoy some spooky stories told by the Activities Team all day long.

Food for the Day of the Dead!

Food for the Day of the Dead

Guests can enjoy different meals dedicated to the Day of the Dead throughout the resort at all the restaurants. Zamá, Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Mexican restaurant will have a traditional altar set up where you will see candles, incense, tequila, and pan de muerto, which is a special sweet bread that is prepared only around this time of year for the Day of the Dead. Zamá will also offer you traditional Mexican dishes and drinks too.

Caprichos Restaurant will lay on a delicious Day of the Dead breakfast buffet in the morning, featuring traditional Mexican hot chocolate and a variety of different types of pan de muerto – two essential items for Mexico’s Day of the Dead. A Mexican buffet is served in the evening at Caprichos along with yummy deserts.

There are a variety of activities planned this year at Villa del Palmar Cancun. You won’t want to miss Day of the Dead and Halloween in Cancun.