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Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s Recreation Program

Villa del Palmar Cancun´s Recreation Program

Providing a relaxing and enjoyable environment for all our guests from aged 1 to 1 hundred!

The lively recreation program found at Villa del Palmar Cancun offers a broad variety of exciting physical activities, with something for everyone.  Whether your preference is to learn about a new topic or activity, push your personal limits while trying something out of your comfort zone, or to take part in something inspirational, you are sure to find an activity to suit your mood.  Regardless of age, there are many adventures to be had by all, such as paddle boarding, cooking classes, unwinding on the beach with a favorite book and, for the younger set, joining our VIK (Very Important Kids) club program.

Generating Vacation Memories that last a lifetime

Generating Vacation Memories that last a lifetime

Our goal is simple yet utterly essential for us to fulfill: to help you generate vacation memories that will last a lifetime.  Each and every day, we seek to design, promote, coordinate and implement fun recreational and leisure activities that will assist you in sharing enjoyable experiences with those you love.  

Whichever activity you choose to indulge in, keep in mind that they all are scheduled to complement a specific portion of the day.  Early morning classes such as pilates, crossfit, yoga and meditation are designed to stimulate the mind, body and soul; later on in the day, other group activities like water volleyball, dance classes, and board games are offered.  

Foodies and home chefs will love our variety of cooking classes available 3 to 5 times each week, and anyone who enjoys a good drink will benefit from our knowledge at a wine or tequila tasting.
No matter how you would like to spend your vacation, you can be certain that we will continue to expand our activity offerings to ensure that you leave here with memories you won’t soon forget.