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Summer Safety in Cancun

Although by most standards every day is summer in Cancun, summer has now officially arrived to Cancun with high temperatures balanced by occasional balmy showers. Summer is a great season to visit Cancun, not only because of its warm sea temperatures and sunshine but also owing to special activities like swimming with whale sharks that can only happen during the summer months.

No matter where you go on vacation, your safety should always be a primary concern, however, when visiting hot countries like Mexico, there are some key tips to remember to ensure you enjoy the very best of your vacation.


Drink Plenty of Water

Rule number one for summers throughout the world: make sure you drink enough water. Most experts suggest that our daily intake of liquids should total 2 liters or more (around 8 glasses of water) and more during hot weather. So, it is important to keep drinking throughout the day when lying by the pool at Villa del Palmar Cancun or on the white sandy beach at Playa Mujeres. Aren’t you glad we have waiter service by the pool and on the beach?


Although the best advice to protect your skin is to avoid the midday sun, sunscreens go a long way in helping protect us from skin damage. Remember to keep reapplying your chosen sunscreen as it is recommended that you should reapply after no more than an hour and twenty minutes. Many of us also don’t realise that a high SPF does not last longer than a lower SPF, rather it offers better protection during the same amount of time. Beware waterproof creams too; their sun protection tends only to last around 40 minutes in the water and you should always reapply the sunscreen when you get out.

Avoid Swimming Directly After Eating or Drinking Alcohol

Accidents can happen in the pool or sea if you are not careful about how long you leave after eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol. Children especially should wait until their food is digested before jumping back into the pool or sea to avoid a stitch or feeling nauseous. Swimming in the sea or pool at Villa del Palmar Cancun after drinking alcohol is not recommended either for your own safety.

Don’t Dive just Before or After Flying

Cancun is a major diving destination with its fabulous coral reefs, underwater sculpture museum and shipwrecks, therefore many people arriving to Cancun are set for a diving adventure. Although there are no specific guidelines about how long you should wait after flying to take a dive, your level of fitness and possible dehydration after the flight should be considered. On the other hand, flying after you have gone diving is more of a concern and you should wait between 24 and 48 hours before flying after a diving tour.