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Choosing Sunglasses

Choosing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fabulous way to accessorize any outfit and have so many purposes. Whether you need to hide dark circles and protect your eyes from the ache that comes from a late night on the town, or you simply want to get away from the effects of the UV rays present outside, sunglasses are your friend! There’s no time like being on vacation when sunglasses aren’t more necessary.

Sunglasses for your vacation

A good pair of sunglasses may just be the most important accessory in your vacation arsenal! Of course, it is key that you choose a pair that will make you feel confident and attractive, as well as suiting your face shape. There are so many styles now, however, that it makes sense that you might feel overwhelmed. How do you know which will suit you best?

Determine Your Face Shape

First you have to figure out what your face shape is, but that’s a snap. Pull back any hair that may get in your way and trace the line of your face in a mirror with a dry erase marker, lipstick, or concealer. After you have done that, you can compare your face shape with the descriptions below, and begin shopping for your ultimate set of sunglasses!


A round face is widest in the middle (across the cheekbones), and narrows just a fraction at the jawline and forehead. For a round face think oversized or angular sunglasses like square, wayfarer, and cat eye styles. These will counterbalance the roundness for a sleek, stylish look.


The heart shaped face is narrowest at the jawline, and will look stunning in frames which are narrower on the bottom than top. Think wayfarer, cat eye, and sports style sunglasses when you have a heart-shaped face.


Those with oval shaped faces are fortunate enough to have a variety of styles to choose from; an oval face is longer than it is wide, and will be flattered by round and square frames like aviators and wayfarer styles in particular. For oval faces, however, size is key; anything over or undersized will not work.


A square face features a strong jawline, wide cheekbones, and a wide forehead, so you need sunglasses with soft lines or rimless edges. Round and shield frames, as well as aviators, are particularly flattering.

Why leave picking your ideal sunglasses to chance? This list makes it much simpler and quicker to get a pair that love your face as much as you love them!