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3 Reasons you NEED a Vacation in Cancun

Every year people around the world hope for a white Christmas, but as the holidays disappear, so does the charm of making snowmen and sledding down the snow covered hills.  People love being outdoors, but it doesn’t last long before the frostbite sets in and the incessant winds become unbearable.

The winter weather can be distressing to say the least and fighting off seasonal depression can be a difficult task when you are surrounded by nothing but freezing weather, colossal piles of snow and arm length icicles. For this reason and many more, hoards of people will book a tropical getaway to Cancun this winter, hoping for a reprieve from the dreaded wintertime blues and the insufferable elements that come with it. If you haven’t booked your Cancun vacation yet, here are three important reasons you should.

1. Traveling is proven to boost your levels of serotonin, making you happier.

This is the most important reason to visit Cancun this winter. It is a proven fact that a relaxing getaway will improve your levels of serotonin, not only during the vacation but for months beforehand while you eagerly anticipate your departure. Just by booking your flights you’ll be upping the levels of happiness that keep you going from day to day.

The simple idea of being on vacation does wonders for your mind, body and soul and the people of Cancun are more than prepared to help you find the best ways to relax.  Whether taking a dip in one of the unbelievable “cenotes,” setting off on a pirate cruise to see an amazing sunrise, or visiting one of the many sacred ruins in the area, you’ll find a plethora of serotonin-boosting opportunities in the heart of Cancun.

2.  Life in the tropics does amazing things for your health!

Without a doubt, overexposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful, but there is still a long list of health benefits one can get from spending some much needed time in the sun.  Adequate doses of Vitamin D provide benefits that can range from helping to kill off harmful bacteria to promoting better sleep habits.  It has also been linked to cancer prevention, lowering blood pressure levels and minimizing risks of Alzheimer’s and MS.

While it might be difficult to get a regular dose of healing rays in the middle of winter where you live, it is beyond easy off the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Cancun averages between 240-250 sunny days a year and with each new day comes an exciting chance to experience something like never before. Whether embarking on a wildlife excursion, jumping off on a scuba diving adventure, or simply soaking up the rays poolside, you will surely receive an endless supply of solar benefits in Cancun.

3.  You’ll not only feel healthier, but you’ll look it too!

The sun won’t only make you happier and have you feeling healthier, it will also give you an amazing glow that will easily be noticed by those who surround you. The tolls of winter are hard to hide and for months everyone seems to have a ghostly look about them. For most, the continuous application of lotions and healing treatments produce limited results when the overpowering elements take control.

Fortunately though, the moisturizing effects of Cancun’s humid climate will have you reveling in a new found beauty and the days of scaly, cracking skin will be left behind. In addition to the blissful elements of nature, Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Village Spa also has a wide variety of spa services that will have you glowing from the start of your vacation and for months beyond.