Underwater Oxygen Bar on Cozumel Island

As the world’s very first underwater oxygen bar, Clear Lounge is quickly making a name for itself.  Featured on major media outlets such as ABC News, DailyMail.com, NBC and USA Today, this popular underwater lounge is a big hit with visitors from all over the world.  Located at Puerta Maya, the Carnival Cruise port in Cozumel, Mexico,  it draws large crowds who are curious about this brand new sensation.  This multi-sensory experience is a treat for the entire body and will have you feeling as though you have entered a dimension of the future!  

How It Works

How It Works

With the help of patent pending technology, guests are able to enter an underwater lounge while breathing enhanced, fragranced oxygen.  Guests are outfitted with a high-tech Sea TREK® helmet that sits on the shoulders, which keeps your body dry from the shoulders up.  This unique helmet supplies a continuous flow of cool, invigorating air that has been boosted with oxygen and the aromatherapy fragrance that each guest gets to choose.  The sessions are roughly 30 minutes long including a brief instructional period.  One of the greatest things about Clear Lounge is that anyone who can walk, climb a ladder and breathe can take part in the fun, and there is no need to have any diving experience.

Why It’s So Fun!

Once you have descended into the comfortable water with an oxygen-infused helmet atop your head, you can get down to the business of having a blast in the underwater lounge!  The unique combination of a weightless sensation beneath the water’s surface and the invigorating scented oxygen will stimulate your senses during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The lounge is equipped with plenty of activities that will make your time there even more memorable.  

Engage in a friendly game of Jenga designed specifically for underwater use, or improve your aim with high-powered bubble guns.  Whether you are feeling artistic, poetic or playful, take advantage of the chance to write or draw whatever comes to mind and share it with fellow underwater guests or your travel companions watching from outside of the lounge.  There is even a Clear Lounge underwater photo booth where you can pose with comical props such as martini glasses and mustaches in front of a floor to surface LED digital wall background complete with distinctive images.  

After you have emerged from the lounge and into the real world once more, don’t let the oxygen fun stop there.  A smoothie bar is located on-site which serves up O2 infused fruit smoothies perfect for giving you an extra boost after your lounge time.

How It Works 

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating activity on Cozumel Island, where this groundbreaking experience will be the highlight of your vacation!  Cozumel Island can be reached easily from Cancun by first arriving to Playa del Carmen, and then taking one of the regular ferries.