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Three Kings Celebration in Cancun

Three kings celebration in Cancun

During the holiday season in Mexico, the festivities extend into January with a celebration on January 6th to honor the Reyes Magos (The Three Kings) who are part of the Biblical nativity story that tells about the birth of baby Jesus.  It is quite common for Christmas decorations to be kept up through at least part of January in Mexico, where the buzz and excitement of the holiday season is hard to let go of.  You can experience this fun Mexican tradition for yourself if you are joining us at Villa del Palmar Cancun in the first week of January, during which you will be invited to take part in the “Rosca de Reyes” celebration.   

Rosca de Reyes

Rosca de Reyes

Fashioned to resemble a crown, the Rosca de Reyes (which translates roughly to “garland of the kings”) is a giant sweet bread that is lavishly decorated with vibrant caramelized fruit on the outside, while the inside contains small china figures that represent baby Jesus baked right in.  One or more Jesus figures will be found inside the rosca depending on how large it is.  Family, friends and sometimes even co-workers gather together for a Three Kings Day celebration where everyone has a chance to cut a piece of the “crown”.  According to Mexican tradition, if you discover the baby Jesus in your slice of the pastry, you will host a party for everyone in attendance on February 2nd for Candlemas, which features time-honored delicious treats including tamales and atole (a yummy sweet and spicy hot drink).  

Members and guests staying with us at Villa del Palmar Cancun will be invited to experience this tradition on January 6th at Caprichos Restaurant at 11pm.  Of course, you won’t need to put on a bash for everyone present if you happen to find the baby Jesus, although this fiesta just might inspire you to join us again in February to feast upon tamales and atole!

The holiday calendar in Mexico is filled with festivals and saints day throughout the year, so you can always find a reason to make a trip to Cancun and celebrate!