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Take a Bite at the Best Snack Bar

With several mouthwatering new options that have recently been added to the menu at Bite Bar at Villa del Palmar Cancun, there has never been a better time to grab a quick and delicious snack.  Focusing on the irresistible flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine, the new dishes at Bite Bar mingle with a selection of menu favorites so everyone is sure to love their meal.  The talented team behind Bite Bar has carefully selected a scrumptious mix of dishes based on these essential attributes: preparation time, variety and quality.  

Preparation Time

Every eatery should place utmost importance on valuing their customer’s precious time, and that is why Bite Bar makes it a point to serve up food quickly and efficiently, allowing our guests and members to get back to the beach or pool.  Understanding that no one likes to wait a long time for their food, the chef has crafted dishes that are not only appetizing and high in quality, but can be prepared quickly so you can eat sooner.


Bite Bar is thrilled to offer a wonderful selection of yummy foods including innovative new creations alongside our best-loved menu favorites, giving you more choices than ever before.  


In keeping with the extremely high standards that all of the restaurants at Villa del Palmar Cancun are held to, Bite Bar has a menu that incorporates only the finest ingredients available including the use of local products whenever possible.

Better and Tastier

Come and experience the flavorful refinements that have been added to several of our most sought-after offerings including fresh-baked homemade hamburger buns, a new spin on our pizza dough, plus a tastier 8oz Angus steak and chicken wings.  For our health-conscious guests, a bevy of new salads such as the Tataki Salad with seared tuna and homemade flatbread will definitely tempt the tastebuds.

Find out for yourself why the cuisine at Bite Bar is better than ever by experiencing our new menu during your next visit.