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Meet Zamá’s Chef, Ciro Ernesto Gutierrez Meza

Zamas Chef Ciro Ernesto Gutierrez

Dining at Zamá, Villa del Palmar Cancun’s signature Mexican Restaurant, is one of those experiences you will want to repeat night after night, if it weren’t for the fact that you will be tempted by the other 4 gourmet restaurants at the resort. One of the attractions that makes dining at Zamá so enjoyable is the unique touch given our passionate Mexican Chef, Ciro Ernesto Gutierrez Meza who goes by the name Chef Ciro.

Chef Ciro

Our creative chef, who might well have been a pilot if he hadn’t launched a career as a chef, began his love for the culinary arts from an early age alongside his love of planes. By 8 years old he was already having fun in the kitchen, cooking up delicious creations for his family and friends at home. But his hobby soon became a passion, consolidated by his coming 4th in an international cooking competition in 2010 against 22 contestants as well as his culinary mentor. Although he was still an amateur at the time, this award spurred his confidence to turn his dreams into reality and changed the course of his career for good.

Inspired by Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine - Cancun

Although Chef Circo is an expert in international cuisine, his true passion is Mexican cooking. “To tell you the truth, I am in love with Mexican cooking because it carries a whole world of history, culture and flavors,” shares Chef Ciro, “I love discovering and re-interpreting our national dishes.” Running the kitchen at Zamá is no small feat, but his flair for creating those “wow” moments drive him and his team to perfect the art of serving superb dishes, table after table at one of Villa del Palmar Cancun’s favorite restaurants.

Mexican Cuisine - Cancun

Chef Ciro is particularly careful about selecting the products used in his menu and making sure that the high quality of flavors remain so after cooking. “ I take great care over the way each dish leaves the kitchen and is served to our members and guests,” adds the Chef. “The daily challenge is to exceed expectations both in the kitchen as well as in the service.”

Those Wow Moments

Wow Moments - Cancun

Part of Chef Ciro’s mission is to find excuses everyday to create those “wow” moments you will never forget. Just last week he prepared a special gluten free enchilada dish for a guest to try simply because she mentioned that she wasn’t able to sample her husband’s dish that he loved so much because she was gluten intolerant. “When I took it to her table, she loved it. It’s so great when you can pleasantly surprise guests,” smiles Chef Ciro.

So, next time you visit Zamá, take a moment to meet the chef, you never know what you might inspire him to do next!