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Gourmet Hotel Dining in Cancun – Meet the Chefs

Gourmet Hotel Dining in Cancun - Meet the Chefs

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa is an optional all inclusive resort in Cancun, which means that you get the best of both worlds: restaurants that offer a la carte gourmet menus, as you’d expect in quality European Plan hotels, with the option to eat and drink as much as you like, when you like, as you’d expect of an all inclusive resort. You can stay on a room only tariff or opt for an all inclusive package and be sure that you are going to be enjoying the finest cuisine on your own terms. What this means for guests is the best quality gourmet hotel dining in Cancun and a la carte all inclusive provision.

In order to deliver high quality gourmet hotel dining in Cancun, Villa del Palmar Cancun’s chefs are constantly reinventing the menus at the resort’s 5 fine dining restaurants and 2 snack bars to make sure that your taste buds are tempted each and every day of your stay.

Meet the chefs that are in charge of turning your Cancun vacation into a voyage of flavors at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Chef Jose Alfredo Bazán Bello at La Casona Restaurant

Chef Jose Alfredo Bazán Bello at La Casona Restaurant

Boasting a broad range of professional experience in the culinary world, Chef Alfredo Bazán Bello heads the tempting modern steakhouse, La Casona, at Villa del Palmar Cancun.  This charming chef is affectionately called Bazán by both guests and staff who have come to witness his extraordinary way of delivering a consistent selection of delicious dishes. If you have a special dietary requirement, he’s the first to come out and speak to diners about how he can tailor your meal to your preferences.  

Bazán never fails to bring that special touch to favorite meat dishes as well as his own creations.  WIth more than 10 years in the industry, working in different gourmet establishments, it is no wonder that his steakhouse menu at La Casona is one of the most sought after dining experiences for gourmet hotel dining in Cancun.  

However, La Casona’s chef is not all charisma and his grandmother’s recipes, he has enjoyed a wealth of formal training, having completed a degree in gastronomy, a course in restaurant management and molecular cuisine plus other specialty diplomas. Cooking up great food takes center stage for Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Bazán.

Chef Carlos Leyva at Hiroshi Japanese fusion restaurant

Chef Carlos Leyva at Hiroshi Japanese fusion restaurant

Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Japanese fusion restaurant, Hiroshi is headed by La Paz-born Carlos Leyva, who is teased by his peers as “chef to the stars” as he served the likes of Bono, Michael Jordan and Jennifer Aniston while working as the lead chef of the Nick San in Cabo San Lucas.  

A Mexican chef that epitomizes poetry in action, Leyva artistically combines finesse, traditional Asian cooking and cutting edge techniques to deliver food with a touch of class. Unique among his peers, he likes to meet his diners to hear their preferences. There is nothing that he loves more than when guests leave their dining experience up to his artistic selection.

Leyva’s trademark of high quality delicious food is a product of his keen attention to detail and his superb way of mixing distinctive flavors with more subtle tastes.

Chef Ciro Ernesto Gtz Meza at Zamá

Chef Ciro Ernesto Gtz Meza at Zamá

Leading the team of cooks in Zamá’s kitchen is Mexican Chef, Ciro Ernesto Gutierrez Meza. Originally from the small town of Cintapala in the Mexican state of Chiapas, his passion for Mexican cuisine began at the tender age of 8 while experimenting in his mother’s kitchen, not knowing that cooking and gourmet hotel dining would be his divine calling.

Giving in to this passion and talent, the first step he made on his professional career was to enter an international culinary competition, where he beat professional chefs claiming 10 years of experience or more with his appetizing regional dessert.  Today, he dedicates his time to Mexican culinary creations at Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Mexican themed restaurant, Zamá where he selects the freshest products and harmoniously blends the best tasting dishes with the most excellent service.

Authentic Mexican cuisine is Chef Ciro’s specialization.  He once said that he truly loves Mexican cooking because it showcases all the culture, history and flavors of his country.  Visit Zama and you can ask Chef Ciro all about what inspires his dishes.

Chef Victor Hugo Padua Morales at Davino Restaurant

Chef Victor Padua specializes in bringing a mix of Mediterranean flair to gourmet hotel dining, delighting his diners with Italian and Mediterranean inspired dishes. Leading the kitchen at Davino’s, he’s able to display his culinary expertise with a menu packed full of mouthwatering options.

A graduate from highly esteemed culinary establishments such as L’Ecole Le Cordon Bleu and Centro Culinario de Mexico, in addition to other specialty courses, Chef Victor Padua is more than a chef, he’s a true blue journeyman of the kitchen.  After leaving formal education, he packed his bags to showcase his cooking magic in other cities in Mexico as well as Canada, claiming more than 14 years of professional kitchen mastery. He led various Italian restaurants in Mexico City and Vancouver, Canada before joining Villa del Palmar Cancun’s food and beverages department to inspire the kitchen at Davino.