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Catch of the Day at Villa Del Palmar Cancun

Cath of the day

At Villa Del Palmar Cancun, guests are licking their lips in anticipation of the Catch of the Day, a gourmet activity where you can enjoy the freshest meal you might ever have.   Once a week, patrons of the resort are invited to accompany a master chef as he prepares ceviche, a traditional Mexican seafood salad, right before their eyes on the resort’s stunning white sand beach.

The gourmet activity, one of many in Villa Del Palmar’s repertoire, begins with the arrival of local fisherman as they bring in the catch of the day.  After selecting the ideal fish for the meal, the chef will start cleaning it, getting ready for the day’s ceviche lesson.  As he begins his preparation, he will carefully explain each of the steps necessary when creating such a delicious meal.  Guests are encouraged to ask questions and learn about the different ingredients and variations when making a traditional ceviche dish.  After the demonstration, everyone will have the chance to try a sample, an opportunity to taste quite literally the freshest meal around.

For those interested, the fisherman will also have a variety of freshly caught fish for sale, which can be prepared by our chefs.  Prices depend on the size and species of fish, however it is a great opportunity to have a unique meal all your own.  There are few places in the world where fishermen bring their catch right to your door and then a master chef prepares it for you however you’d like.



Take advantage of Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s Catch of the Day, and schedule a chef to prepare the freshly caught fish for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you please.  This unique opportunity is great for families, groups of friends and even foodies interested in doing something different on their vacation.