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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Cancun

Couple - Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, sharing, and kindness and is celebrated annually on February 14th by those wanting to honor and commemorate the fervor they have for their loved ones. While the tradition is to exchange thoughtful gifts and go out for an amorous candle-lit dinner, what better way is there to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a romantic getaway? Jet away with your partner to a place with pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and gourmet cuisine. Re-ignite the flame of passion and spend quality time seeing the sights or cuddling up in a deluxe ocean view suite. Villa del Palmar Cancun understands the importance of this sweetheart occasion and is ready with all of the perfect elements needed to create a special Valentine’s vacation. Ask about having rose petals sprinkled on your bed or having in-room gifts delivered for a special surprise. Cancun also has numerous romantic activities for couples to enjoy such as snorkeling, zip lining or exploring picturesque islands.

Couples Massages at the Spa

The resort is home to the Village Spa, a blissful and luxurious spa that is beautifully themed, and perfectly sets the tone of romance and love. The Village Spa is modeled on an ancient Mayan Village and is surrounded by rich tropical gardens, creating a natural and relaxing atmosphere. The spa offers a variety of deluxe signature treatments that can be indulged in, such as a Tuunich Warm Relaxing massage or a Tulum Healing Ritual. Village Spa also offers couples massages, where lovers can lay side-by-side while being pampered in pure bliss. The signature amenities of the spa include nine treatment cabins, Jacuzzis, a steam room, Swiss showers, a cold plunge pool, luxury changing rooms with lockers, robes, and sandals. A perfect treat for lovers on Valentine’s Day!

Couples Massages at Village Spa

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner on the Beach

It is said that the way to a person’s heart is through food! Couples can make their romantic getaway even more special by having a candlelit dinner on the beach as the sun sets over the mesmerizing Caribbean sea. The stunning views and gourmet food are sure to kindle the ardor between lovers and create a memorable evening.

Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Spending Valentine’s Day in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most naturally romantic cities in the world, with its Caribbean breezes, mesmerizing sea, ancient cenotes, and swaying palm trees. Every sunset tells a story and the impressive history dates back to the Mayan ages. It is the perfect haven for couples to spend quality time together and revel in their love. If guests don’t want to spend all of their time at the resort then they can venture out and have a day in Cancun, and take advantage of the fun activities and day-trips offered! 

Couples can spend a romantic morning snorkeling among the resplendent coral reefs as the morning sun glitters above or they can explore the magical underwater kingdom in the freshwater system below the Mayan jungle. All locations offer guests the opportunity to see over 500 species of fish, 65 species of striking coral reefs and even the chance to see graceful sea turtles! It’s a thrilling and enjoyable way for couples to spend time together as they encounter a new experience and explore the underwater world.

Zip lining is a sure way to get the heart’s racing and blood pumping! Guests will depart from Villa del Palmar and venture deep into the lush vegetation of the vast jungle to begin their exhilarating zip line experience. Guests will undertake a comprehensive safety briefing before soaring through the idyllic green jungle on high-velocity zip lines. On the last zip line, guests will arrive at a subterranean cenote, sail down the zip line and plunge into the picturesque, turquoise water below! This is the ideal activity for lovers who want some excitement during their vacation!

Zip line couple experience

Visiting Cancun’s tropical cenotes (underground sinkholes) is one of the most magical and breathtaking experiences offered in Cancun. Lovers can dive into and swim around the ancient subterranean reservoirs while their skin laps up the vitamins and minerals from the natural cenote water. The enchanting caves and sapphire blue water create a realm of mystery and fairytale, creating a perfect romantic setting. 

Isla Mujeres: A Paradise for Lovers

Isla Mujeres is one of Mexico’s most breathtaking and idyllic tropical island locations. It is located 20-kilometers off the shore from Cancun and is only accessible by boat. The mesmerizing island of Isla Mujeres offers a feeling of euphoria and is the perfect day trip for lovers to relax and reenergize. The small island boasts romance and beauty with its beautiful beaches, magnificent clear waters, various Bohemian-themed restaurants and bars, and a tranquil and laidback atmosphere. Lovers can cuddle up under the swaying palm trees at one of the stunning beach clubs, as they are served delicious meals and exotic cocktails. They can gaze out onto the heavenly blue skies and listen to birdsong from the surrounding wildlife, as they reconnect and luxuriate in one another’s company. Isla Mujeres also offers plenty of exploring opportunities as the island is bursting with Mayan history. There are several statues and Mayan Ruins located around the island.

Isla Mujeres, México

Cancun vacation is the perfect way for couples to celebrate their love!