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Cancun’s Whale Shark Season 2014

Whale sharks migrate to the waters around Cancun and Cozumel each year to feed in the warm shallow waters of Mexico’s Caribbean Sea and are a fascinating highlight of any summer vacation in Cancun. This year’s whale shark season in Cancun will run from mid May to mid September, giving visitors the unique opportunity to swim with these magnificent and harmless creatures in their natural habitat.

Swimming with whale sharks is safe and suitable for any age group from 8 to 80 years! Whale sharks are docile animals and are the largest fish in the world, growing up to 40 feet in length. They pose no harm to humans as their favorite food is plankton and small fish. As a filter feeder, the majestic fish simply cruise the ocean with their gaping mouths collecting their food. It really is an amazing sight to see and it is a privilege to be able to dive and snorkel alongside these gentle giants.

Tours from Villa del Palmar Cancun include transportation from the hotel to the dock where you will be taken in a boat in search of the whale shark feeding waters. Once the whale sharks have been located, those brave enough can snorkel alongside the giants and experience the magic of nature first hand.

Last year, TV celebrity Mario Lopez went swimming with whale sharks during his stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun, commenting on the Kris Jenner Show: “I did the coolest thing that I have even done in my life. I went swimming with whale sharks!”

Be sure to ask about this remarkable opportunity on your next visit to Villa del Palmar Cancun.